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Facing the new year is about mindsets.





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For better or worse
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In putting together this edition, we found ourselves regularly faced with needing to make a call about something being good or bad. This made us think about the many shades of grey that make up our everyday decision-making processes, which was fairly distracting as we found that most people are often willing to embrace what’s most convenient rather than what’s most worthwhile.

But enough with the philosophy: in this issue, there is insight and information that will help you make your own good versus bad decisions in a number of areas. Who should you believe when it comes to the health benefits of coffee, alcohol or red meat (read Is anything good for you any more? on page 16 to find out). Or consider whether your decision to own a dog should be based on considerably more than the amount of fur on the couch (in Your dogtor will see you now on page 28). And tear yourself away from Facebook for long enough to get involved in the debate about the impact of social networks on our lives (read Do social networks make us antisocial on page 52).

If all this complexity gives you a headache, don’t stress – humans will all be gone one day. And we have that covered, too – in Life after man, on page 42.

Go forth and be good – or at least, with your newfound knowledge, a little better. And keep your questions coming to Also, take advantage of our subscription deals at


Bruce Dennill