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Very Interesting Junior

VI Junior is a fun and quirky read that allows parents to provide their children with stimulating content that they can use to expand their knowledge base and their interest in the world around them. In a time when a competitive edge is a real advantage, inquisitive minds should be encouraged. VI Junior readers know more ……and knowledge is power.

Curiosity Series

VI Junior’s Curiosity Series takes topics that interest young minds and presents them in a fun and interactive way. In this series, you can expect to learn more about space, animals, the human body, dinosaurs and planet Earth. Visually appealing diagrams, timelines and images with in-depth information and quirky facts make this an appealing way to help your child find out more about their favourite subjects. 

Barbie Magazine

Barbie magazine takes the magic of Barbie and turns it into a fun learning experience for children aged three to ten. Filled with stories, puzzles, crafts, prizes and activities, it’s fun and educational at the same time.

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