Curiosity Series: Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life


Few things in life fascinate people more than dinosaurs do. Every year, loads of new discoveries take place that help us piece together how they looked, moved, ate and lived. In this bumper 96-page issue, we look at what a dinosaur actually is. We find out what sets them apart from other prehistoric creatures, why pterosaurs and plesiosaurs aren’t dinosaurs and which other creatures lived before, alongside and after dinosaurs. We take you all the way from the Palaeozoic Era, through the three Mesozoic Periods that the dinosaurs lived in, and then onto the Cenozoic Era when mammals took over as the dominant species. We learn how fossils are formed, and what the different types are. We discover what the world looked like in each era, which prehistoric plants developed and which animals originated. At the end of each section, we bring you a Test Your Knowledge question, so that you can see how well you remember the fun facts.

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